Founded in September 2009, the priory of Addis Ababa is the first country in Africa that is not French speaking. The population speaks principally Amharic and English.

How was our foundation born?

Many years the brothers would come to Addis to help for retreats and preach to the sister of Mother Theresa.

In January 2007, the bishop officially asked us for a foundation.

In July 2007 the first Eagle Eyes camp was organized and the young people from Awassa, which constituted about 70 young people (students, and young professionals) received three sessions and finally was reproduced again in 2008 and 2009.

In September 2009 the first brothers arrived: Marie-Alexandre (superior) and Jean Soro and Iovane and then 2010 br. Andrew Mary simple profession joined them.

In 2012 two other brothers Athanase and Michael Paul joined to strengthen the foundation.

Reason for the Foundation and the Mission of the Brothers

The Archbishop of Addis Ababa Berhaneyesus Souraphiel asked the foundation of priory:

-To witness to a consecrated life of prayer

-The formation of the young people, two brothers to serve as chaplains of the youth coordination for the archdiocese of Addis Ababa.

-Formation programs to various religious communities and institutes of consecrated life.

-Develop a link between the Orthodox and the Protestants, of which the Apostolic Nuncio said is a role very important in order ecumenical dialogue may be formed.

The Catholic Church in Ethiopia 

The origins of the Christianity in Ethiopia is very ancient around 341 St. Frumentius sent by the patriarch saint Athanase to become the first bishop of Ethiopia. The Country today is majority orthodox (47 percent) with a strong influence of protestant communities (15 percent), the Isalm religion is also growing (34 percent). However, the Catholic Church is only (.7percent) of the population. The Archdiocese of Addis Ababa is of the oriental rite tradition; there exists various vicariates that are of the Latin rite tradition.

The beginning of the Foundation

“Little by little the egg with his legs will be able to walk” The brothers are trying to put this Ethiopian proverb into practice.

The first year is to learn the language which is very difficult, and the second is to help the youth of the archdiocese and also to help the people (young people, French speakers, religious communities) and for those who frequent our house to pray with us and follow various teaching the brothers give at the priory.  


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YEAR 2017-18/ NEWS

Our Cardinal presenting the mission of the Brothers :



On April 28th happened, in presence of Archbishop Berahneyesus, the blessing of our new priory. After a few days of hard work to regain the delay of the construction site, we were happy to welcome all our visitors for that ceremony. With joy, we have seen all our Ethiopian friends (neighbors, youth who came during all these years to our events, children that we have seen growing, coworkers, etc) but also members of the French speaking Community, of religious communities living in Addis Ababa, and the workers of the site.

The day began with a mass, presided by the Archbishop with around twenty priests. With the brothers living in Addis, Saint John Community was represented by Brother John S. and Brother Marie-Alexandre, who created our Community in Ethiopia nine years ago, and by Brother Jean-Hervé, vicar of Africa, and Brother Jovien-Andrea, previous vicar of Africa. We were also lucky to have with us brother Ermias, young Ethiopian from Addis Ababa who was postulant here and will pronounce his simple vows in a few months. These brothers were with priests from different parishes of the city, and represents of religious communities present in Addis Ababa.

The songs of the mass were done by the French speaking Community singers and the Ethiopian youth who attended to our School of Life program during the last years. We had French, Ethiopian and English songs, showing the multiculturalism of our catholic community in Addis Ababa and our life here (we even had a Cameroonian “Alleluia”!).

The mass was followed by the blessing of the priory, and by a lunch. This one was prepared by members of the French speaking Community and by Abju, oblate of Saint John Community, with Ethiopian meals, meals from other countries of Africa, and French desserts. We thank them a lot for their work, which permitted to the around 200 people present to spend a friendly moment.

Then, the traditionally “coffee ceremony”, unavoidable in Ethiopian culture, was organized by students. Meanwhile, everybody had the possibility to visit the interior of the priory where we had put some furniture in the main rooms: the chapel, the refectory, the library, and one cell.

We have been very happy to share with all our friends our now place of life and prayer, that embodies and roots our installation in that beautiful country which is Ethiopia. We would like to thank all our benefactors (Aid to the Church in Need, Diocese of Köln, Pontificium Opus a Propagatione Fidei, Diocese of Rottenburg, Missio Munich, l’OEuvre d’Orient and all the private donators), without who this project would not have happened, but also all the people who helped for the good unfolding of that day: the French speaking Community who lent us tables, chairs and plates, all who cooked for the lunch, students who were in charge of parking the cars, Thérèse and Pauline for the flowers, the French embassy who helped us to rent tents, and all who helped for installation and clean up.

Our remaining work is now the affinitions before moving in: finish the bathrooms, paint a second coat everywhere, etc. We hope to welcome many of you in this new place, since July 2018, as you will be living or just visiting Addis Ababa.