Founded in September 2009, the priory of Addis Ababa is the first country in Africa that is not French speaking. The population speaks principally Amharic and English.

How was our foundation born?

Many years the brothers would come to Addis to help for retreats and preach to the sister of Mother Theresa.

In January 2007, the bishop officially asked us for a foundation.

In July 2007 the first Eagle Eyes camp was organized and the young people from Awassa, which constituted about 70 young people (students, and young professionals) received three sessions and finally was reproduced again in 2008 and 2009.

In September 2009 the first brothers arrived: Marie-Alexandre (superior) and Jean Soro and Iovane and then 2010 br. Andrew Mary simple profession joined them.

In 2012 two other brothers Athanase and Michael Paul joined to strengthen the foundation.

Reason for the Foundation and the Mission of the Brothers

The Archbishop of Addis Ababa Berhaneyesus Souraphiel asked the foundation of priory:

-To witness to a consecrated life of prayer

-The formation of the young people, two brothers to serve as chaplains of the youth coordination for the archdiocese of Addis Ababa.

-Formation programs to various religious communities and institutes of consecrated life.

-Develop a link between the Orthodox and the Protestants, of which the Apostolic Nuncio said is a role very important in order ecumenical dialogue may be formed.

The Catholic Church in Ethiopia 

The origins of the Christianity in Ethiopia is very ancient around 341 St. Frumentius sent by the patriarch saint Athanase to become the first bishop of Ethiopia. The Country today is majority orthodox (47 percent) with a strong influence of protestant communities (15 percent), the Isalm religion is also growing (34 percent). However, the Catholic Church is only (.7percent) of the population. The Archdiocese of Addis Ababa is of the oriental rite tradition; there exists various vicariates that are of the Latin rite tradition.

The beginning of the Foundation

“Little by little the egg with his legs will be able to walk” The brothers are trying to put this Ethiopian proverb into practice.

The first year is to learn the language which is very difficult, and the second is to help the youth of the archdiocese and also to help the people (young people, French speakers, religious communities) and for those who frequent our house to pray with us and follow various teaching the brothers give at the priory.  


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