the priory


Our priory is located in the Center of Addis-Ababa, close to the British Embassy. Before our arrival, it was a nursing home for elderly priests, which was not used for several months. The diocese has granted us the use of this house, until we can find an appropriate place to build our own priory.

The house had been already placed under the protection of Blessed Abba Gebre Mickaël, an Ethiopia priest who died a martyr. Born in the village of Goggiam, in Ethiopia, a boy of keen intelligence, he sought intensely the truth and found in it fullness with the help of Saint Giustino De Jacobis, who welcomed him into the Catholic Church. Persecuted for a long time, he died on 13 July 1855 at about the age of seventy. A growing number of religious institutes were named after him and took him as their patron.

The priory of the Brothers is opened to everyone who would like to join the brothers during their prayer times. You will find hereunder a schedule of  our welcoming hours, as well as an access map that can be downloaded.

If you would like to meet a brother outside of this schedule, please contact us through the page “CONTACT” hereunder mentioned.

Welcoming Hours :

  1. PuceMonday:

  2. 18h00 Vespers

  3. 18h30 Mass

  4. 19h00 Teaching

  5. 19h30 Adoration

  6. PuceTuesday and Wednesday :

  7. 18h00 Vespers

  8. 18h30 Mass

  9. 19h00 Adoration

  10. PuceThursday :

  11. 17h30 French Mass in Holy Savior

  12. 19h00 Adoration until 20h30

  13. PuceFriday :

                18h0 Mass

  1. 19h00 Adoration

  2. PuceSaturday :

  3. 18h00 Vespers

  4. 18h30 Adoration

  5. PuceSunday :

  6. 17h30 Vespers

  7. 18h00 Adoration

Access Map :

Please download the access map through this link.


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