For over eight years now, the Brothers have been exposed to the culture and language (Amharic) of Ethiopia. We understand more fully the expectations of young people and the life of the Ethiopian Catholic Church.

Over that time, we have developed a number of pastoral activities such as:

  1. youth ministry within the archdiocesan secretariat, as youth chaplains.

  2. teaching in the Seminary,

  3. a children’s library for street children,

  4. “School of Life” for students who are discerning their vocation,

  5. pastoral care within the French speaking Parish.

What do we plan?

In 2009, the Local Church provided us a residential house in order to begin our mission. After a long period of learning and discernment, we now expect to enter into a new phase of implementation.

To seize the moment, we hope to include the construction of a chapel, guesthouse, and associated facilities. In total, these facilities will provide:

  1. a welcoming, peaceful, and religious environment where young people can share the prayer life of the brothers,

  1. young people an opportunity to receive human and spiritual formation,

  1. a venue for sports activities and library services,

  1. a chapel in the Local Eastern tradition with a capacity to hold 150 people for the Francophone Parish who are currently searching for a place of worship.

This center will be open to a diversity of people including Orthodox children in our neighborhood, Catholic families, Ethiopian candidates for religious life.

How do we want to proceed?

We hope to build this project within the existing residential compound (5000m2) in three separate, 12-month, phases, according to the priorities of our growing mission:

Phase 1 (2016-2018) Priory

The priory includes individual cells for a maximum of 8 brothers and postulants, small kitchen, oratory and living area.

Phase 2 (2018-2019) Multipurpose Hall & Guesthouse

This center comprises a multipurpose hall, dormitories, rooms and living area.

Phase 3 (2019-2020) Chapel

The project budget has been estimated at approximately 1.000.000,00 €.

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The first phase of the project is pretty soon finished! The construction of the priory itself is over, but a lot of finishings are still remaining before the brothers could move in at the end of April. The walls and the floor are finished, the building is as expected composed of eight bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a kitchen and refectory space, a library, an oratorical and a chapter room. Currently, the workers are levelling the floor before being able to make the ceramic work, and on the plumbing for the bathrooms and the kitchen. Electricity is also in progress, we can already see each lamp, electrical outlet and switch places. There is also still some work on inside and outside covering, and on the exteriors.

The retaining wall, which will protect the north-part of the land, is at its first beginnings: after difficulties to find the appropriate materials, it should arrive in the next weeks. Meanwhile, the place is already here! The harvesting water tank has also progressed these last months: cement is being poured to finalize the structure.

These great progresses are the product of the team work, but also of your commitment, of all of you who financially support our project: the Community of St John and all its benefactors, but also all the organizations who financed the 1st phase and will finance the 2nd phase that will begin soon: Aid to Church in Need, Diocese of Köln, Missio Munich, “l’Oeuvre d’Orient”, “les Oeuvres Pontificales Missionnaires” and Diocese of Rottenburg.

We have also welcomed a new volunteer from “l’Oeuvre d’Orient” who will replace Pierre: Christelle, also an engineer student, is here for three months. She has the same mission as her predecessors: to represent the brothers on the site and assist the different technical managers. She works currently with Guillaume, who will leave around 15th February, to keep a well mutual comprehension and trust between the community and the different actors of the project.

We kindly invite you to browse more details that you may download on the following link.