For over eight years now, the Brothers have been exposed to the culture and language (Amharic) of Ethiopia. We understand more fully the expectations of young people and the life of the Ethiopian Catholic Church.

Over that time, we have developed a number of pastoral activities such as:

  1. youth ministry within the archdiocesan secretariat, as youth chaplains.

  2. teaching in the Seminary,

  3. a children’s library for street children,

  4. “School of Life” for students who are discerning their vocation,

  5. pastoral care within the French speaking Parish.

What do we plan?

In 2009, the Local Church provided us a residential house in order to begin our mission. After a long period of learning and discernment, we now expect to enter into a new phase of implementation.

To seize the moment, we hope to include the construction of a chapel, guesthouse, and associated facilities. In total, these facilities will provide:

  1. a welcoming, peaceful, and religious environment where young people can share the prayer life of the brothers,

  1. young people an opportunity to receive human and spiritual formation,

  1. a venue for sports activities and library services,

  1. a chapel in the Local Eastern tradition with a capacity to hold 150 people for the Francophone Parish who are currently searching for a place of worship.

This center will be open to a diversity of people including Orthodox children in our neighborhood, Catholic families, Ethiopian candidates for religious life.

How do we want to proceed?

We hope to build this project within the existing residential compound (5000m2) in three separate, 12-month, phases, according to the priorities of our growing mission:

Phase 1 (2016-2017) Priory

The priory includes individual cells for a maximum of 8 brothers and postulants, small kitchen, oratory and living area.

Phase 2 (2017-2018) Multipurpose Hall & Guesthouse

This center comprises a multipurpose hall, dormitories, rooms and living area.

Phase 3 (2018-2019) Chapel

The project budget has been estimated at approximately 1.000.000,00 €.

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After the putting of the foundation stone on December of 2016, blessed by Cardinal Behraneyesus in the presence of the prior general Fr. Thomas, conversion of the site had began.

“Work is good for man (human beings), it is good for its humanity for-by work, not only man transforms nature by adapting to their suitable needs, but again he himself realizes like HOMEET, he becomes more human.” Laborem Exercens 9

From this encyclical writings of John-Paul II about work, the brothers have transformed into hard working people in January to cut and break many trees, before the excavation has given the ground difference in height and also to gain space…..we are expecting to plant new trees in the rainy season in (July 2017) to give us shade and to hold the soil in place. The contract of the first phase of the construction of Epifania, which is the construction of the priory of the brothers and the clearing and conversion of the site by strengthening with half walls of the fence, has been signed on January 27, 2017 with an Ethiopian contractor Antonio Carnevale, because he had already constructed over 20 churches in Ethiopia.

With our determined project manager Eleni, Fr. Philip Francois has been pushing the administration since three weeks to complete all the elements necessary such as (insurance, license for different happenings, measurements, technical and financial details of the primary phase) and to obtain at the end, on March 2 2017 the final authorization to start the building.

On March 3, for six days, thanks to the continued (unceasing) work of the excavator using 3 trucks had removed 183 loads of soil amounting 2700 m3 from the construction site, as well as the stones and rock (which we are obliged to use hammer for some days) have been stocked on the site to be used at a later stage when we have finished the foundation. The foundation for the priory and for all the work that is necessary as well as (to protect the site against erosion) the structure is worked with cement.

We would like to thank St. Joseph for his support and intermediating for us for the generosity of donors and for the help of the organizations that permitted us to start this first phase and for his protection by avoiding accidents and for calming the tension between different actors of Epifania.

The search to find financial support (aid) and partners to close the primary phase and financing the 2nd phase has necessitate an extremely careful and useful administration work by Fr. Athanase helped by an Ethiopian volunteer Abju; for us one of the priority is respecting the deadline for the construction.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas or proposition to help us.

We kindly invite you to browse more details that you may download on the following link.