program of activities


Prayer times :

The brothers would like to share their life of prayer with all those who wish to join us (please refer to the page “THE PRIORY”).

Monday’s Teaching :

The brothers invite you to join us every Monday night to participate in a program of spiritual formation: 18h Vespers, 18h30 Mass, 19h Teaching, 19h30 Adoration.

Yearly program : Letters of St John.

Sisters Recollection :

Retreats proposed to all religious sisters from different communities. (please contact br. Benoît-David to register).

Dates : 2/03 (Lent), 01/06.

Youth weekend :

3 Weekends consecrated to discovering our Christian vocation, (please contact br. Charles-Emmanuel to register).

Dates : 16-17/02, 18-19/04

Family Sunday :

3 Sundays consecrated to discover our Christian vocation among the family life, (please contact br. Benoît-David to register).

Dates : 10/02, 12/05

Pizza Ecclesia :

Once a month, the Friday from 6:00 to 8:30 at the priory of the brothers, a time of spiritual formation and fraternal sharing for the English speaking youth (please contact br. Charles-Emmanuel to register).

Dates : 15/02, 15/03, 12/04, 17/05

Recollection «children of hope» :

1 day of recollection proposed to all children until 11 years old. (please contact fr. Athanase to register).

Saturday 6/04

Books «children of hope»:

        It is a great joy to present to you our new children’s adoration books. In our pastoral work, generally both in the world and locally in Ethiopia, we have the chance to introduce little children to the holy presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament through adoration. During these years of experience, we have tried to put our discoveries on how to help them pray before the Lord into an Amharic book. With great gratitude, we would like to share to you this fruit of our work. We are also ready to organize short missions with your children to introduce them to worship.

We can sent you a copy of these nine books intended for children in their 1st level of school.

Please have a glance at these books and if they interest you, you can fill up the form found below to order more copies and send it to We simply count on your generosity and free contribution in order for us to sustain this project in reproducing more copies in the future :



Tel number: __________________________


Number of copies: ____ Red book(s) / ____ Green book(s)/______Yellow book(s)/____ Orange book(s)/____Blue book(s)/____Purple book(s)_____Orange book(s) n°2/_____Mother Teresa/_____Francis/ _____Mary/___Bakhita/__Animals’Gospel books.

Free contribution: _________ ETB.

1 serial for 400 ETB.

Summer 2019 :

Four summer camps will also be organized this year in Awassa. Two camps will be organized in July and September. They are opened to any youth who would like to offer 1 week of intimacy with Christ, sharing in a common life with the brothers, their seek of truth.

For registration, please download this link.

What is Eagle Eye Formation ?

The only question is, “How deep do you want to go ?”

Designed for young people who are thirsting to discover a new depth and intensity to their Faith, Eagle Eye Summer camps provide 8 days of prayer, asking deep questions, and just plain fun for young people with the Brothers of St. John.

The Brothers of St. John provide a rich spiritual environment that both encourages young people to seek the truth about their lives in the light of God, and leads them to the response to their questions in the Person of Christ. A Summer Institute is all of the fun of a summer camp, all of the prayer of a retreat, and all of the rigor of a Philosophy and Theology seminar wrapped together and made accessible to our youth !

Come and see!


Program of year 2018 / 2019

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