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1.Introduction and background

The Ethiopian Catholic Church is one of the leading faith based institutions in the country that are working towards acquiring the integral development of the person. This consciousness has led the church to believe that among the faithful (the society) the youth are more in need of attention in this process of integral development. It is a strong belief of the church that education will bring the desired change and development in the young people of the country.

That is why the church has assigned the Brothers of St. John, which is an international Catholic religious community of priests and brothers founded by a Dominican priest Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe, who was interested in the human person and the writings of St. John the Evangelist, which he believed was a development of the human and spiritual dimension of the human person, to nurture and care for the needs of the young people. 

By focusing in a special way on the young people, the brothers will help them to learn to grow to be a responsible citizen. Our targets are the different movements and groups that we are engaged with at the moment. We hope that these trainings and teachings, seminars and published books will help and guide the target groups to:

•Be aware of their responsibilities as persons and Christians

•Be spiritually formed,

•Be able to better understand the teachings of the church, and become practicing Christians

•Be active participants in the endeavors of the church

•Have a good basic formation

Therefore, we believe that giving trainings and seminars are essential to the different target groups in bringing about integral development.

2.What is the project of school of hope?

Children of hope is a program that specially focuses on small children. The program is organized in such a way that children will get an opportunity to engage in different activities; such as workshops, summer camps, theatrical acts and catechism.

For this program books have been published putting into consideration the children’s capacity of understanding to help them comprehend the situation around them.

3.Project statement

It is a well-understood and a visible situation in the country, that the younger generation are facing a difficulty in becoming responsible citizens, because of lack of assertiveness from families and schools, and society’s focus on material things, lack of role models, foreign influence and the like.

Therefore, we believe that if this situation continues the country and the church will face irreversible problems. Giving the opportunity and means to the young people of the country to express them and molding them will be the best way to combat this impending problem.

4.Objective of the project children of hope

The project has the objectives of continuing with the engagements with the children with the existing activities and works; but in addition to that the brothers has the objective of giving more formation activities and adoration programs. Furthermore, the brothers would like to engage more kids and the families of the children in their activities; such as having family Sundays. Last but not least the brothers have the objective of continuing with the publication of important children’s books, translating children’s books into Amharic and to have some part time teachers; such as music and art teachers.

5.Project beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries will be the small children (100) of the Archdiocese in Ethiopia especially of Addis Ababa.

6. Project impact

The Project will in the long run directly impact the children themselves, their families and the society they dwell in but in the short run the project will bring about positive thinking by the children towards their surrounding, co-living, caring for the environment, appreciating art and the like.